What We Do

Here at VCS, we are dedicated to supporting people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities to live the lives they want to. Whether supporting someone to live in their own home, providing opportunities to make new friends or experiencing new things that is rewarding and enjoyable, VCS aims to ensure that those we support have the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Many of the people we support have come from institutional settings and we have worked with them to transform their level of independence and often, as a result, their quality of life. Supported living is our main area of support, and we are committed to offering this model for people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions.

Supported Living

Supported living is about supporting people to live in their own home, either as an owner or as a tenant, with their own rights to this home and with our support workers invited as guests to support them to undertake normal community living. At their home, with our support, they have their rights and can make choices to those and how their support is provided.

Within supported living, people have greater choice over who they live with, where they live and are supported to take on responsibilities for normal household activities such as paying bills, managing their money and being a good tenant or home owner. We have supported many people to move from hospitals or care homes and they have flourished with the change, being able to be more active in their local community and a more active citizen. VCS supports people with all aspects of their lives, including 24-hour support within their home and meeting sometimes very complex and specialist support needs, to sometimes just providing several hours a week.

For every person we support in supported living we enable them to follow their aspirations, develop their living or social skills, to find work if they want to, and to be as independent and self-supporting as they are able to.

Working Together

Based on person-centred approaches, VCS is committed to providing high-quality support to people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions. We demonstrate a culture of Positive Behavioral Support throughout the organization, that is:

  • Based on an understanding of the person’s behavior
  • Person-centered
  • The least restrictive approach possible, and
  • Working to enhance the person’s quality of life

According to policy and research, this is the best way to deliver high-quality support. We find that this approach improves the happiness and wellbeing of people we support, as their wishes are interpreted and needs are met at an earlier stage by support staff and action is taken to change the situation that is making the person unhappy. This often reduces or even eliminates challenging behavior, improving the quality of life for people we support and those who support them.

We take a positive risk management approach in everything we do. We work with the most vulnerable people and we understand that due to their illnesses and associated disorders these individuals may present risks to themselves and others.

Our risk management policy is aimed at accepting actual risks, balancing risks and perceived risks, nurturing responsibilities and pro-actively managing risks.

All our staff undergo enhanced DBS disclosures and are all trained to the highest standards.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

VCS is a leading care provider for people who have autistic spectrum conditions. We work closely with the relevant adult social care teams, families and practitioners as well as working closely with individuals to provide a person centred care approach that promotes community re-enablement, recovery and independence.

Domiciliary Care

We provide care for people over the age of 18 to 65 years in their own homes. With the Positive Behavioral Support care model approaches, we empower those we provide care to and focus on sowing the seeds for long term independence.

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