To enhance the dignity and quality of life for all physically or mentally impaired persons in the community.



To support the independent living of people age between 18 to 65 years old and people with disabilities through professional, patient oriented services.

Victoni Care Services is a company born out of the desire to providing affordable and exceptional support services to persons with various physical or mental disabilities.  We fully understand how our services play a vital role on our patients’ physical and emotional wellbeing, and that is why we continuously train and closely monitor our staff to ensure that they give the very best service to our patients. Families of, and people with mental, physical or learning disabilities can be rest assured that they or their family are in good hands because our staff will also assist with personal care services such as helping the patient get up in the morning, bathing, feeding and assisting them to attend reviews or appointments.

We also maintain close contact with our patients’ medical practitioners to ensure that medications are as prescribed and reviewed regularly. Basically, our staff are trained to be the go-to-persons for every need of our patients that are within the confines of the law and the patient’s permission.