Our Services

At Victoni Care Service (VCS), we provide exceptional:

   Community based support services for people with mental health needs.

  Community based support services for people with learning disability, we provide support with physical needs.

  Supported living service, and

  Domiciliary care service.

Doing right in the homes of the patients, we see to it that quality all-round supports are given to these aforementioned persons. 


We train our staff to understand the plight of every patient, thus ensuring that we do more than we our "professional obligations". We strongly believe that putting ourselves in our patients' shoes, and doing what we would love others to do to us if we were them is the force that takes us beyond impeccable professionals, and making us family.


One of the most underrated techniques for improving learning and overall wellbeing of persons receiving care is encouragement. Our staff are well trained and more than willing to constantly encourage our patients.


We understand that some patients may seem rigid, uninterested and uncooperative, making some tasks to not go as planned. However, we are more interested and highly motivated to seeing our patients make tremendous all-round improvements, irrespective of the time and effort it may cost us. Nothing ranks higher on our list of priorities than seeing our patients on all fronts; it’s our most sought-after incentive.

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Victoni Care Service is the perfect place for people who are passionate about providing support services at the very top level for people who can’t care for themselves ― specifically those with mental, physical or learning disabilities.

Start a career as a top-notch support service giver in the homes of those in need of support services. It is more than just a job, it entails saving the world, one person at a time. Also sharpen your skill as a health care giver by taking advantage of our numerous training and teachings about the profession.

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